05 November 2009


5 November 2009

"If we don't take urgent and ambitious action, the reality is that some small island developing states will not be around within a couple of decades - certainly not by the end of the century."

So says the UK Climate Secretary Ed Miliband.

I would retort: “Who needs them?”

Chances are we have extracted the resources we want from them, and therefore they are just hanging around, playing the guilt card on us, when really they should be glad we invited them to the party (even if it is just to exploit them). As a matter of fact, I propose we send a few gunboats to ensure that none of the whiners get off before their little rocks are submerged, as they will only come to our shores and stir up trouble. God knows we have enough of it with all of the bleeding hearts wanting universal health care and carbon caps.

When will they learn that might makes right. What’s theirs is ours.

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Alan Heah said...

Hello Mr Fair,

I first got to know of your work through Discovery Channel Magazine October 2009.

I'm reading this as an ironic, satiric post which captures the honest sentiment of certain people who cannot admit to themselves otherwise.

A response I would have, belonging amongst over 4 million people on one of those 'small island developing states', is:

we have little to be extracted from;
we don't stupidly get exploited;
a few gunboats cannot ensure our not getting off, or the submerging of our little rocks of only about 700 square kilometres;
we will not be going over to other shores to cause trouble;
we work & pay through taxes for our healthcare;
our government states it rejects carbon caps.

And oh, as it continuously tells us, we're so unique.

Please keep up the good work!