04 December 2009


4 December 2009

It’s so easy not to think about the ripple effects of our desires. Actually, it’s almost impossible to really know those effects. As an example, our unblemished bug-free fruit and vegetables come at a great cost. At the Union Carbide Bhopal Plant, methyl isocyanate, a deadly component of a variety of pesticides was manufactured, and on Dec 3, 1984, 40 tons leaked out into the surrounding community.

Twenty-five years later, we have forgotten the incident; the culpable company, after paying a fine to the Indian government has been swallowed by a larger conglomerate, and the world goes round. But the community residents have a staggering rate of birth defects, and can’t drink the water. The Indian government dismisses their claims, and we continue to demand our denatured fruit and vegetables.

But, the flap of the butterflies’ wings will eventually cause a storm on our shores.

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adele said...

yes, it is all so out of whack. And how about the new move to innoculate Cows with a new vaccine for the deadly e-coli bacteria instead of just making the cows healthier, and us humans healthier too. Because why do that when pharmaceutical companies can make more money selling another vaccine we actually don't need, to support a system that creates disease because it is so environmentally unfriendly in the first place. throw another log on the fire.